“My husband and I are huge Andrew Turner fans. In the 90s, we lived in Philadelphia, eventually working our way up to being able to afford an apartment across the street from Sande Webster’s gallery (on Locust). She had Turner’s paintings in the window. We agreed we would buy one, but couldn’t agree on which one, so we bought two! We had no business buying any (given finances at the time) but I’m so glad we did.

I also have a copy of Marco Solo (children’s book) with his beautiful work in it. I will post photos of the two we have. One is called “Boppin” and the other – I think “Eight Ball.”

Valerie Greenberg

“Mr. Turner was an artist whose works grabbed the essence of his upbringing. His use of anything that he put images on is what separates him. A Philadelphia Jewel. Glad that I got an opportunity to meet him.”

Adrian J. Moody
Collector and Gallery Owner of Moody JONES Gallery